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Company Overview

For decades, the Summercool name has been synonymous with quality fans in India. With Dealers located across the country, we have established ourselves as the undisputed leader in air-management technology.

The Summercool name is renowned for innovations as well which is reflected in the design of pioneering product concepts such as Fresh air fans, and models in the mini category..

Now Summercool is diversifying even further.Geysers, Pumps, Home appliances, cables have been added to Summercool portfolio. Good quality, great performance and novelty in design are some of the assured features of any product from Summerocool.

Product Range

Summercool Air Coolers

Ceiling Fans

Home Appliances

Summercool LED Bulbs


Summercool Water Heaters


For the little ones we offer the animals at our zoo

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