“Your comfort is in good hands”

Our board room is a combination of imagination and experience. Senior members always help us to choose the right path. On the other hand, our younger generation is filled with innovative ideas making our company excel in our field.

Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Gupta

He is a man of a vision in a true-sense. For his whole-team, first of all he is their
father & brother figure.

Mr. Rajeev Gupta

He is a wonderful listener & history is witness that all great-achievers were good-listeners.

Mr. Abhishek
Director, Technology

He is the king of Innovative ideas. He believes in moving forward along with the team. His core-strength is he thinks from the perspective of the customer.

Mr. Ashutosh
Director, Management

He believes that everyone has something that others should learn. He always sees the best in people. His core strength is his logical decision.